about andrew

I was born on a hot, summer day on July 1983 in a small town called Carrizo Springs, Tx. That’s where I was raised by my Christian parents who taught me early on about the importance of being different from the rest of the world. I thank God every day for my family, and there are a lot of us. I have four brothers, three sisters, four sister-in-laws, five nephews, and three nieces. These numbers are constantly changing so I’ll update as needed. As for me, well I’m single, never married, and no kids. I’m a 2006 graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio with a BBA specializing in Management. And that’s pretty much the expanse of my educational career. After that I worked as a Banker at Frost Bank for around 5 years. Now, I help run and financially manage the family business in the aviation industry in South Texas. If I’m not doing business stuff, and if I’m not doing Bible stuff, I might be doing random stuff that I call my hobbies. I try to work out at least 5 times a week. I like reading. I love music, both listening and playing. I can play the trumpet and I also like to pretend that I know how to play the ukulele, though I’m getting much better at it. I like to read and write. I like airplanes and if I had kept at it, I would have included flying airplanes as one of my hobbies, but getting a pilot’s license is a long work in progress, however I can say that I soloed (flew a plane all by myself with no instructor) with just 10 hours of instruction, but that goes under my “What was I thinking” moments.

What I really want you to know about me is that I’m a Christian…just a simple Christian. Aside from God, there is nothing special about me. I am not a professional writer or a professional speaker. I have no professional background in teaching. I have no biblical degrees nor have I gone to any type of preacher training. I come with no special religious titles that prefix my name or any educational titles that suffix my name. My name is Andrew, and I am on a lifelong quest to grow closer towards God while glorifying His name with the living sacrifice that is my life. I want to praise Him the way that HE wants, not the way WE want. I want His will for my life and His will only. I want His Word, the Bible, as the standard of my life, and nothing else that comes from man.

I believe the Word of God is God-breathed and is enough to make me adequate for every good work and enough to get me to heaven (2Timothy 3:16-17). This is what I teach and preach. This is why I lead prayers and lead song service whenever I’m needed. And so, developing this website is just another avenue where I can share the things that I have learned from my previous years of biblical study and the things that I will learn in the years (God-willing) to come.

I want to get to heaven very much, and so I want to be as right as possible, I want to get as close to God as I can possibly get, and I want to help others along the way. I won’t pretend to have all the answers nor do I want to talk to the person who thinks he or she does. I won’t pretend that I understand all the reasons why things are found in the Bible that go against the “rights” of society, but what I do know is that it’s not because there is something wrong with the teaching, but there is something wrong with our understanding. I truly believe that God is love itself and we cannot know of love without knowing Him (1 John 4:7-8). I truly believe that God manifested His love in His Son, Jesus Christ, who lived a perfect life on the earth and died for us and instead of us. God is trustworthy and knows more about what will make us joyful than we do. I trust every part of His word and have dedicated my life to doing it, even if I don’t understand it all.

I believe God’s word does NOT change with the times as society thinks it does, but it endures forever (1 Peter 1:23-25), including the parts that are unpopular. That being said, I will NOT apologize for the things the Bible speaks of that are unpopular and controversial in our society, but I will teach them with all humility and love that a servant of Christ can possess. My heart is open to change, but only by the Word of God. I hope yours is too.

One thought on “about andrew”

  1. Brother, after reading your bio and article, I know that you’ll be just fine as a gospel preacher. You’re on the right road to be successful in any endeavour. We will pray for you and your work. Eph.1:7


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