Kingdom Greatness: Proper Perspective

Greatness. In some way, we all seek it. We want to do great things. We want to accomplish greatly. Though the motive for greatness may vary from person to person, the fact remains that we are greatness chasers. The importance and recognizing and understanding this cannot be understated by the simple principle that says what we seek is what we treasure.

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Right-Side Up in an Upside Down World

There was an article published in March 2013 about a woman who literally sees the world upside down. Council worker Bojana Danilovic, from Serbia, sees everything upside down because of an extremely rare condition that causes her brain to process images backwards, called “spatial orientation phenomenon.” And so she’s learned to adapt and manipulate her environment as much as is in her control – she uses a special upside down computer screen, reads newspapers upside down, has a TV that’s balanced on its top while the rest of her family watches from another right-side-up TV. What’s amazing is that there’s nothing wrong with her eyes; it’s her brain telling her that things are backwards when they are not.

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