by Leticia Martinez

As children grow up, they mimic their parents. A son’s words are learned by his mother repeating the syllables a hundred times. A daughter takes giant steps to match the strides of her father. Children learn how to live by the examples given by their parents. It is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. People represent those who are important to them by being like them through their walk and talk. Continue reading “Imitation”

The Grasshopper Syndrome

by Kayla Barker

They have almost made it. The children of Israel have arrived right outside of the Promised Land secured for them by the Lord. God instructs Moses to send a man from each tribe to spy out the land before them (Numbers 13:1-2). From the account in Deuteronomy 1:22, it appears that this was originally the people’s idea, implying that they didn’t trust God enough to know if the land was safe to enter. They wanted to send men to spy out the land that God had already spied out for them. The people trusted their own ideas more than God’s wisdom, and they were walking by sight instead of by faith in the Lord. But God, in His steadfast love and long-suffering, goes along with Israel’s request.

Continue reading “The Grasshopper Syndrome”