In this life here on earth, there will always be good things and better things, simple and difficult circumstances, hard and harder difficulties. If life stood still, then perhaps complacency would be an attractive virtue. But our reality is a life of constant change and we must constantly adapt if we are to survive. Continue reading “Growth”

“If you believe, [in God], your belief will kill your sinning, or else your sinning will kill your believing! The greatest argument against the Bible is an unholy life – and when a man will give that up, he will convict himself.” – Charles H Spurgeon


We, as human beings, have something unique about us. There is a ceaseless need in every one of us for something more. We develop imaginary friends. We daydream constantly. We investigate the mysterious and unexplainable. We dream and set goals, and when we reach those goals, we set new ones. There’s always something “extra” that we involve ourselves in Continue reading “Searching”